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We are Manufacturer of 100% Natural & Organic Fertilizer from different extracts of Trees, Herbs and Naturally available Minerals from Earth only. Our all products are researched & developed on the bases of “ARYABHISHAK” & "CHARAK SAMHITA" written by our respected rishi muni from India, Approx. 500 year's old indigenous technology.
The unique concept of Grenary-18 provides solutions by 4- steps of farming:-


  • Movability or Convertibility of available or given Nutrients in the land to the plant.
  • 13 to 18 required Nutrients of any plants on this Earth (Balanced Food).
  • Enhance the Photosynthesis Process of plant by Crystallization Process.
  • Protect plants from the attack of Insects, Fungus & Virus.


Step-1 :- Renovate our Damage Soil :- Try to understand that What we have lost ?

We have lost life of our land, that means many helpful microseisms is no more in our land and it has happened due to excessive use of acidic chemical fertilizers as inputs. So our land is hardly damage but still we have time to Recorrect our mistakes. (Dr.Green) can help us to get back more than 300 types of helpful microseisms to our land by natural way. It will create suitable atmosphere for helpful microseisms in our land and also provide 13 to 18 nutrients & required gases to the plant in digestive form.

Step-2 :- Balanced Food :- Can any life survive on only medicine without food ?

Any lives on this earth need balanced food with all required (13 to 18) nutrients to survive and we are just giving only acidic chemical inputs (medicines) source of N.P.K.) And it is in chemical form so it is not food of our microseisms or plants, so most important factor of farming is damage and as a result most important and helpful insect earth worms and other microseisms are not seen in our land today. GRENARY-18[ C ] is balanced food with 13 to 18 required Micro & Macro Nutrients like N.P.K., MG,.CA,.S,.B,.FE,.MO,.ZN,.MN,.CU,.OM, ETC………..…..

Step-3 :- Crystallization Process :- Why forests are automatically developed in the valley of mountains?

Any plant can make their food in the presence of sun light and it is called photosynthesis process. But how to enhance it? Understand the role of mountains: mountains stop the cloud and provide water and moisture to the forest which is most important factor for growth of plants. Grenary-18(V.I.P.) is the combination of small Mountains & Crystals and after application it creates vertical layer of crystals and mountains on the leaf of plant. That will help to stop moisture ( Moss ) on the leaf and also help for fixation of Approx. 72% freely available nitrogen from the atmosphere as per requirement of the plant and Crystals help to give multi reflection of Sunlight that way enhance the photosynthesis process of any plant and as a result the production of chlorophyll enhanced by natural way.

Step-4 :- Protection from Disease of plant :- Can any life developed Healthy Immune system without balanced food?

Healthy immune system protects from any outside attack of insects, fungus and virus. Grenary-18[V.I.P] is the first innovative product which can support the power of immune system of the plants so plant itself can fight against the small outside attack.Grenary-18 [V.I.P.] can able to stop birthing system of insects by coating of their upper skin. So Grenary-18 [V.I.P] is able to support & protect from outside attack and save our crop & plants.



Comparison between organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer:-

  Real-Bio-Organic fertilizer Chemical Fertilizer
1 Contains 13 to 18 elements of Micro & Macro such as N, P, K, Mg, Ca, S, Si, B, Fe, Mo, Zn, Mn, Cu, om. Only contains N.P.K and minimum of Mg and Ca.
2 Contains 100 types of effective microorganisms and enzyme (helping decomposition and produce nutrients). Not contain any effective micro organisms (Even Affected effective micro organisms after long time been used)
3 Used quality materials such as rice, cocoa bean, coconut copra, volcano ash and others substances. Used kaolin as substances, soil become hardness and less of oxygen after long time been used.
4 Slow released, fast, additional, nutrients difficulties to leaking, to be released slowly. Nutrients easy leaking(when rainy season and monsoon season).
5 Soil more fertile when pH increased to 6-7, prevented disease and insect attack. Soil become acidic, hardness, easy attack by disease and insect.
6 Effectiveness of fertilizer are slow, last until 70-100 days. Effectiveness of fertilizer more faster, last until 20-30 days.
7 Increased effectiveness of chemical fertilizer, reduced production cost. increased yields and quality, fertilizer absorption capacity, prevent and reduced soil erosion occurred. Increased nitrate and nitrite contain in plant after long time been used will reduced quality of product.
8 Soils biological were changed and prevent toxicology of agro-chemical and heavy metal pollution. Increased toxicology contain of agro-chemical will caused pollution to soil and water sources.
9 Increased plant coloring and sweeten. Reduced plant coloring and sweeten.