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Vision / Mission



  • Officially Saanvi Organics was Formed in 2010 but before those 2 Years we observed so many things from current situation of Agriculture Industry.
  • We found that there are Thousands of Company’s & Lacs of Products are available in support of Farmers.
  • Even Plenty of Government Supports are also available Like : Subsidy’s on Fertilizers, Compensations on Lose of Farming, Easy Bank Loan & Many More.
  • But After having all this Support, Farmers are still attempt to suicide and Ratio will Increase Day by Day.
  • Same way if we Look at the other side of the Society, People are suffering from Dangerous Disease at age from just 20 to 30 Years of their Age and it was due to In-Organic Food or Un-Hygienic Food.
  • As Human we had Polluted and Spoiled The Earth and Nature very badly. Mother milk supposed to be Amrit on this Earth for a Child but we had polluted by 100 time more than permissible limit: So what is Safe to Eat Today?
  • So, We fill that Farmers & Our Next Generation Both are in Danger. And as a Result of that No one is satisfied & safe in our society.
  • Then we come to Know that we ( India ) are in the Wrong Direction since last 50 Years. Because we are strongly believe that Farmers are not the Criminals but they are innocent and not Intend to serve Poison or Hurt to the Society. But they don’t have right alternative solutions of Chemical Farming.
  • Finally we get an answer from our old books written by our ancestors Like : "ARYABHISHAK" & "CHARAK SAMHITA". And we start our R & D on that pure Indigenous Technology.
  • Today we have succeeded to beat Chemical Farming by 100% Organic Farming in Terms of Production, Quality, Cost of Farming & Re-Establish the Land Fertility form the First Crop.